Sharing of chargers with time, ampere, kwh amount allowed for the invited user

Mikkel Aronsen

Let us share specific chargers in our accounts with other account users or temporarily access for people without an easee account.

Should be able to share charger with friends, family, tenants, guests from the Easee app and that they can be invited by email, facebook messenger, Whatsapp. basically use the built-in share function of ios and android.

Add some access control with temporary pin that are generated and sent to the invited person through the built in ios or android share function to be able to use any app that can send messages to share the invite.

They should get a temporary pin (same type as when registering a charger) that allows them access to the charger via the app and can authenticate that pin without a user account but are asked in-app for a name and contact details like email and phone number and then can start charging.

Let user that share the charger control how much the invited person can use of ampere, kwh, and charge time and also how long the pin should be valid.