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Stian (Operational CTO)

It would be great if you could notify me with a push notification when the charger stops charging, either because charging is complete or if charging was interrupted


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Rohnny Stormo

Push messages work already , but only when there is not a timer on. If timer is enabled the push messages are not working properly.

Stian (Operational CTO)

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Administering my own and my parents charger, i do not need push notifications from their charger. Maybe it would be possible to enable this individually on each charger. I have turned off notifications for now, seems like it still notifies me.

Troels Faerch Mikkelsen

Perhaps also notification in case of power cut to the charger so charging is interrupted - might be possible to detect by missing online reporting from the charger.

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: In progress

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: Planned

Stian (Operational CTO)

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