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Mikkel Aronsen

Add possibility to set what functions should be available/visually in Easee app/cloud for a specific user and a standard-setting for new user registering to a charger via mobile app or for invites/sharing of charger there should be a guest access control profile.

Owner, Admins, User of charger should be able to set how long in general pins are valid or customize individual settings associated with a unique pin. All shared pins should be shown in the cloud portal for the charge site with information about who activated the pin and there contact details from the Easee app. What charger is currently associated with pin and what settings/access that pin has and the charger should check the cloud and adjust its settings when the pin is authenticated and after the pin expires or is manually deleted reset settings in charger back to this previous settings and delete pin from Easee Portal.

Be able to change the settings/access for the pin. like how much ampere or kwh that pin is allowed to use before the charger automatically stops charging or infinite ♾ use as much as they need. Show current status of the charger with ampere draw, KW draw , time used, time remaining, and the total amount of kWh used so far for the pin. Should also be shown in the app for the user that shared the pin.

From Easee Portal should be able to set control down to specific settings or controls that should be available for a specific user with an access control profile associated with a user account that has access to a particular charge site.

So when a user registers to a charger in the Easee app then that user should show up in Easee Portal as users and that admins and owner of the charge site should be able to set custom access control profiles they created in the portal and associate it with that user accounts.

That way fine control of access and functions for individual users can be achieved or for a broader level with custom standard access control profile for users, and admins.

Its also then possible to set what chargers that user should have access to so that if a user tries to register to a charger that they are not allowed to have access to, a warning shows in Easee app with instructions to contact the site owner or admins to correct that if they should have access and contact details of the charge site. (the same information set in Anleggsinformation -> Kontaktperson)

That way you can also have multiple admins, and multiple users with there overall standard access profile or add them to custom access profiles with specific access control or functions and visibility of information.


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Stian (Operational CTO)

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