Multiple owners

Jampe Uppgård

I thought the bug with not being able to add multiple owners to a charger had been fixed. But I can't seem to add another owner to my charger or is there another way to add a owner without having to invite them as owner


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Mikkel Aronsen

Using access control profiles it should be possible to set that a user or admin should have access change the power draw settings of the charger like this. Vote here.

Stian (Operational CTO)

Hi Jampe. A site can only have 1 owner. You can add additional administrators to the site however

Jampe Uppgård

Yes. but if lets say the wife wants to be able to change powersettings as I might have set it to trickle charge at 6A and she's in a hurry and needs 16A. I cannot see why that isn't possible