Problem after reset

Magnus Hedlund

Me and my electrician installed the Easee charger box this morning. A proposed firmware update (from v230) was suggested, but since it was supposed to take 1 h, I skipped it so that we could test that the charger was providing current to the car (which it did and still does).

I configured the Easee app with the charger, and it worked (I could see current consumption on each phase and so on).

My problems started later, when I wanted to try and upgrade the firmware. I could not find any option to do this in neither the app nor on ””. So I went for a factory reset, hoping that it would ask the same update question again, but it didn’t show up.

And now, the app won’t let me add my newly reconfigured charger to it, it just responds ”Error 500”.

A note: To be able to access the setup menu, I hard rebooted the device by flicking the main power switch in my electrical cabinet. Another note: I did not manually remove the charger from the app before resetting it, however it has stopped showing up.

Hope to receive some help.

Best Regards,


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Stian (Operational CTO)

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Stian (Operational CTO)

Hi Magnus

Please contact our support team from Facebook messenger or from the contact form on our website. This portal is mainly for voting on new features 😅

I hope your problem is resolved and that you have received help already from our official support support channels.

We cannot see any contact details here so that is why we are asking you to contact us through support.

Magnus Hedlund

More info - The easee.cloud.com page is also unable to add my charger. It just says "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()”. I didn’t try to set this up before my factory reset, so I don’t know if this worked before.

Magnus Hedlund

If you need more info to debug this, I’m glad to help!


Thomas Classon

Did you get help? I have the same problem,