Add IFTTT support to easee cloud and easee chargers

Mikkel Aronsen

Hi, would like to see IFTTT.com platform integration ( platform.ifttt.com ) allowing for hundreds of services to interact with the easee chargers.
Triggers on if charging stops or if charging starts, if charging is finished, if a error occurred, if the charger is ready and so on.

Actions and inputs to and from ifttt that include starting the charging, stopping the charging, locking or unlocking charge cable, activate smart metering/charging or deactivate smart metering/charging, power draw, current kwh, current ampere draw, errors, charger lost connection, charger regained connection, car reporting error, ++.

Can be integrated to google assistant or other voice assistance for example through ifttt or if a home automation system is present in the household actions or inputs to it can happen through the Easee charger(s).

Geofencing using IFTTT app and connection to Easee, there are so many possibilities. For example unlocking the charge cable automatically when entering a zone or locking when leaving or activate a charger or deactivate it.

There are so many services there that supporting it will give your customers freedom to integrate with almost any device, product or service they already have and use and make your charge brand stand out in the crowd, and can be used actively in marketing to draw the technically-savvy users or normal users that want a more connected home to your brand instead of another.


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Lars Erik Eriksen

Yes! IFTTT is really it! Geofencing and start of charge when home with all smart home possiblities.

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: Under review