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An API so that charging can be controlled locally through wifi without need for internet access. This can be used for integration with home automation software, smart charging and so on.


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I would also really much like a local API


Bengt Ellison

A local API would make the choice of charging robots much easier. Knowing that I would still have control of it even if you for any reason went out of business. Now a small start up as you are that only support control via your cloud make me a bit cautious and worried



You asked the users to vote for features they would like, and the most wanted feature was a local api (with more than twice the amount of votes as any other feature). Please respect what your customers want.
If you are concerned about security then cutting the connection to internet is the by far best action to increase security. The second thing you could do is to implement authorization in the already existing webserver that anyone can activate by pressing the button on the charger.
You dont have to create your own solution for a local api, there are already lots of standards for local apis that you can use.

Ola Lidholm

Cloud API is not a local API, so why is this comment here?

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@Ola, probably because it adds highly relevant context information about how Easee’s thinking goes and their motivations for what they have been and will be doing around APIs in general. Even though I like the idea of a local API, I think the answer from Easee/Stian was solid and completely understandable.

Stian (Operational CTO)

We are currently working on the Cloud API to extend it’s documentation so that it is easy for everyone who wants to start using it. The reason for using a cloud api is mainly because of security, there are many local secure methods as well but it introduces complexity we would like to avoid having to take into account at the moment.

We promised an API and we do have one, we cannot promise at this point in time an API which is local. What we can say at this point is that we would like to implement a system that can work offline but at the same time play nicely with the rest of the home. We are closely following the development of the CHIP standard and as it matures we are hoping to implement that as The integration point into the smart home market and other possible solutions. This way we can focus our resources on implementing one standard which in turn could open many more doors and offer a lot more flexibility than our own private local API.
Read more about Connected Home over IP here www.connectedhomeip.com/

Read more about our API here:

Mikkel Aronsen

Totally understandable. But local control of chargers with Easee app on local wifi without internet access would be much appreciated, a hybrid cloud, or edge computing strategy may be the right solution to that.

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: Under review