Dynamic load management

David Rann

Most buildings don't have spare capacity without dynamic load management then Installation wouldn't be possible.


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Mikkel Aronsen

This can be done today through tibber and there tibber pulse adapter for the new smart power meters.

David Rann

Without dynamic management charger Installation not possible....

David Rann

No example I have an installation with 100 amp main fuse. Maximum demand sits at around normally 50 amps.... But sometimes when motors kick in it ramps to 90 amps for a few minutes....

So dynamic load management would turn the chargers down for a few minutes when needed meaning safe happy to receive full 50 amps normally

Simon Björklén

If this request means dynamically monitor the voltage of all phases and balance load between available phases I think that’s a great feature!

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: Planned