Override charging schedule by pushing charger button

Jan Hvass

I am using a permanent nightly schedule to charge my Outlander PHEV. I would like the possibility for anyone in the family to easily override the schedule by pushing the button on the charger (as it actually says in the app manual), when charging during the day is required. Overriding schedule from the app works well, I just want to do it from the charger button as well which would be easier for the other family members.


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PV-EV Driver

What Jesper Davidsen has suggested I find good, perhaps combined with the Easee RFID key, then each user can deposit his own schedule.


Thomas Schulzki

Possible side solution - Override charging schedule with pre registered rfid tag.


Thomas Schulzki

The possibility to add different schedules to different days - or more that one schedule to same day.
This can be useful for the people who have different working times or different routines during some days.


Stian (VP Software & Services)

Merged with: Multiple schedules & advanced scheduling



It would be nice to add multiple schedules and also be able suspend any on them at will.
If you want to skip a schedule now you must delete it and then add it later which is a hassle.


Jesper Davidsen

When doing this feature I suggest to take a look at how Danfoss did the weekly schedule setup in the Danfoss Link app (Control of home heating).

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Stian (VP Software & Services)

Status changed to: Planned