Unregister charger(s) from a charge site

Mikkel Aronsen

Make it a possibility to unregister a charger from a charge site.


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Stian (Operational CTO)

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Stian (Operational CTO)

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Stian (Operational CTO)

Hi Mikkel. Currently, the only way to the method is by resetting the charger from the local interface or by moving the Chargeberry on to another backplate on another site. This is implemented this way in order to ensure that a charger does not end up online somewhere without a site or a relation to an owner. Do you have more details on why you would like to remove a charger using the Easee Portal?

Mikkel Aronsen

As a start, The charger should automatically unregister from all charge sites when its factory reset is activated in the local settings in the charger.

Could be useful at least if charger ends up dead / electronic is fired or something, and need to be replaced, at least have a force unregister button with a popup warning.

Could add functionality that factory resets the charger when it's force unregistered from a charge site should solve the problem of chargers being online without an owner or site. Also should only be owner of site that can do this, and that owner probably has control, you could also show instructions that the chargeberry need to be removed from backplate or reconfigured and re-registered to a charge site.

Show that button function if the charger is not communicating with cloud for 7 days for example.

That means the chargeberry is most likely dead and already replaced or about to be replaced.

Also if the chargeberry is offline and a new shows up in Easee Portal check new chargeberry to existing chargeberry's and if any of them match the backplate ID of the new one. If its the same it’s possible to assume that the chargeberry was replaced and new chargeberry setup and configured and included in charge site.

That means the offline one is dead and replaced and a force unregister button should appear for the offline chargeberry right away and not after 7 days.

That is the main reason i added this and believe its very useful to have that option.