Week schedule when charging is possible

Niclas Söderberg

Now when more and more grid owners are changing its tariffs to be load based and pricing is based on when you use the energy we need to be able to have a solution that we can trust on. We need to be able to specify between which times on which days the Easee box will be allowed to charge. This is extra important for Charge systems with multiple charge bots and users.


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Lars Waern

Yes, out should be Good... charge either at cheaper night rate or daytime when sun is up, avoiding peak hours

Stian (Operational CTO)

The feature has been launched for Easee home. For Easee charge it will be possible later this year.

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: Implemented & Released

Stian (Operational CTO)

Status changed to: Closed

Eduardo Alvarez Hernandez

Yes, this is very important in Spain, because at night the electricity is much cheaper than during the day