No Consumption Values Reported in My Page in the Portal

John Griffiths

The app is showing 58kWh for August, but My Page/Consumption in the Portal is displaying no data for August. Is this a known issue or could it be refreshed if there was a "Refresh Button" on the Consumption page to retrieve weekly data?


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Stian (Operational CTO)

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Stian (Operational CTO)

Hi John

The my page consumption is for all the charging sessions started by you as a user. You need to have authentication enabled to do this and you need to start charging from the Easee app or by using an Easee key. All charging sessions are then logged towards your user.

The Easee app consumption shows the sites consumption. In the portal you will find that under the site and statistics for the site.

We will look into how we can make this more clear 👍🏻