Easee App v1.2.6

  • New Fixed Improved
  • A
    Alek Slater
  • on 04-06-2021


  • Show charging session cost for completed charging sessions for sites that have a defined charging price.


  • Charger Phase Mode text changes and IT power grid disclaimers.
  • Knowledge base button removed from the Support page.
  • Notification settings now translated.


  • If a site did not have a charging price defined already, you would be unable to change it. Now you can.

Easee Equalizer v88

  • New
  • T
    Tor Gunnar (PM)
  • on 02-06-2021

Improved FW upgrade for Equalizer manufacturing.

    Portal v 2021-05-31

    • New Improved
    • T
      Tina (PM)
    • on 31-05-2021



    • Updated design
    • Translation updates

    Installers v1.2.5

    • Fixed Improved
    • A
      Alek Slater
    • on 28-05-2021


    • Backplate configs now contains Site Keys, not Site Ids.


    • Cosmetic adjustments to action cells in Site overview/Circuit overview/Check backplate result pages.

      Easee Equalizer v86

      • New Fixed
      • T
        Tor Erik Skårdal
      • on 25-05-2021

      Support for Embriq/Rejlers HAN interface - Used on Landis+Gyr and some Aidon meters.


        Fixed an issue in a filter that could cause some current measurements to be ignored every 10 minutes.

        Easee App v1.2.4

        • New Improved
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 21-05-2021


        • Equalizer Wizard, making it easier to configure your new Equalizer using either an existing Charge Robot or your phone.
        • Added support for future products. 
        • Overcurrent errors in Charge Robots now displayed in the product card.
        • Improved generic error message for unhandled Charge Robot errors (Wired incorrectly etc.)
        • Cosmetic tweaks to Equalizer Main Fuse Limit page.
        • Tweak to "Only RFID key" under access in charger help page.

        Easee Charger v283

        • Fixed Improved
        • Avatar
          Stian (VP Software & Services)
        • on 03-05-2021


        • Updated handling of erratic EV protection to retry charging in case EV functions as expected
        • Added support for connecting to a new cloud instance
        • Updated logic for Equalizer pairing, the charger will now only beep and flash green upon successful pairing
        • Improved temperature monitoring algorithms
        • Cable will not unlock when charging is paused, cable must be removed from EV for cable to unlock. If the permanent lock is enabled the cable must be unlocked from app as before.


        • Updated WiFi interface to prompt for additional fuse if fuse is set higher than 80A and the prompt
        • Updated logic for DynamicChargerCurrent and MaxChargerCurrent, setting another Dynamic charger current than 0 and 32 will now work. Info: Dynamic charger current will reset to max if the cable is unplugged
        • Updated logic for the duration of offline sessions to correct the time when time is synced properly

        Easee App v1.2.3

        • Improved
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 26-04-2021


        • Circuit fuse should not be modified unless you are an installer.
        • Removed onscreen keyboard in Charging price page, to avoid issues with custom keyboards.

        Easee App v1.2.2

        • Fixed Improved
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 19-04-2021


        • Saving a schedule didn't take effect, works again now.

        NOTE: If you created or updated a schedule using v.1.2.1 of the app, you will need to confirm the schedule with this version of the appfor the schedule to take effect. (You can do this by bringing up the schedule sheet, and hitting the "Confirm" button).


        • Ability to change circuit fuse for Easee Home sites.
        • Power usage calculation for Equalizers improved.

        Easee App v1.2.1

        • New Improved
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 14-04-2021


        • Charger help page LED types section no longer has text overlapping. Removed some states that aren't necessary.
        • Equalizer name shown in Product card.
        • No longer prompts a user to change the site name if the site is unnamed and the user isn't allowed to change the name.
        • Avoids pausing audio playback for some phones. (Android)
        • Fatal error codes now update product card in response to real time messages.


        • Settings & Power management settings/menu cleanup for site, chargers and equalizers.
        • Hide power at all times for circuits with just 1 phase.
        • System status UI icons updated.
        • Ability to reboot Equalizer (from Equalizer Settings / Commands).
        • Ability to change site main fuse for Easee Home sites.

        Easee charger v282

        • Fixed
        • Avatar
          Stian (VP Software & Services)
        • on 30-03-2021

        A minor bug fix for radio communication for secondary chargers.
        Some users had to reboot their charger to communicate over EaseeLink RF to other chargers. This has now been fixed. 

        Charger v281

        • Fixed
        • Avatar
          Stian (VP Software & Services)
        • on 25-03-2021
        • Improvements to the internal self-test system
        • Internal wifi circuit improvement
        • Fixed issue where charger used ‘online’ limits after loosing contact with Equalizer. 

        Easee App v1.2.0

        • Fixed Improved
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 23-03-2021


        • Equalizer Set WiFi is no working as it should (no longer spins forever).
        • Charging Schedule fixes.


        • Cars that are misbehaving and not responding as they are expected to now display an error.
        • Updated help text for "Ready to Charge" charger status.
        • Removed Refresh now button and timestamp in product cards.
        • Confirmation Dialogs for sensitive buttons like deletions etc. on the left instead of the right.
        • Privacy policy link in Profile.
        • Languages in Language page are no longer translated.
        • Updated status for Chargers when you cant charge because there's not enough available power in the house.
        • Added Equalizer Main Fuse Limit
        • Improved Lock / Unlock confirmation popup messages.

        Illustration of error when a car has a possible fault and does not accept charge

        Portal log v 2021-03-15

        • Improved
        • T
          Tina (PM)
        • on 18-03-2021


        • Hide a few charger configs. properties:
          • Allow only RFID keys
          • Local radio channel
          • Local short address
          • Remote start required
          • Smart button enabled

        Equalizer version 78

        • New Fixed Improved
        • T
          Tor Erik Skårdal
        • on 16-03-2021
        • Support for Swedish HAN on Aidon 6534.
        • Support for non-Standard HAN on Kaifa MA304H4D.
        • Update to L2 current estimation on Aidon 6525 and Kaifa MA304T3.
        • Fixed missing data in app after initial startup on some meters.
        • General networks improvements.

        Portal v 2021-03-08

        • New Improved
        • T
          Tina (PM)
        • on 08-03-2021


        • Able to set the "access level" of all chargers on a site


        • Changed name from "Whitelisted users" to "Approved users" under Access Control
        • Translation updates

        Charger v277

        • Improved
        • Avatar
          Stian (VP Software & Services)
        • on 25-02-2021


        • New and Improved handling of connectivity on wifi and cellular
        • WiFi connection is more resilient.
        • Faster firmware downloads on Wifi
        • Improved connectivity error handling
        • Improved logging and debugging of connectivity

        Portal v 2021-02-19

        • New Improved
        • T
          Tina (PM)
        • on 23-02-2021


        • My Page now shows sites you have access to
        • Our Partners (Partner users) can now change the Site Owner themselves 🎉


        • Your Profile is now moved to the menu
        • Translations update

        Portal v 2021-02-11

        • New Fixed Improved
        • T
          Tina (PM)
        • on 15-02-2021


        • Equalizer online/offline showing, charger online/offline updated too so it’s the same logic as the app
        • Real-time updates of equalizer (when viewed from site products or my products).
        • User contact details in Portal (email)
        • Show Privacy policy - consent (Under my profile, consent)
        • Change privacy policy to be URL’s
        • Add translation versioning to help with browser caching issues
        • Fix country field on-site edit
        • Update to support new serials
        • Update packages and translation files
        • Copy all email addresses (whitelisted users on site)
        • Set circuit to Easee Ready (the most appropriated charger will be automatically chosen as the primary charger)


        • Added toggle to show wifi password when you want to change it
        • Fixed product search (on sites),
        • Hide the “limited to single-phase charging” in configuration
        • Several minor design & navigational improvements


        • Add translation versioning to help with browser caching issues

        Equalizer software version 67

        • New Fixed Improved
        • T
          Tor Erik Skårdal
        • on 09-02-2021


        • LED now uses a purple colour to indicate local control only (Easee Link).
        • Added support for more Kamstrup power meters.
        • Early version of phase mapping. Phase mapping will allow the Equalizer to detect installation mismatch between phases.


        • Improved 1-phase chargers connected to 3-phase IT networks (Requires charger with software v273+).
        • Use max continous current instead of main fuse size (80%) for regulation in load balancing. Max continuous current will be selectable in the app later.
        • General improvements to load balancing.
        • Decreased power usage during software updates.


        • Fixed LED incorrectly showing no data from meter when started without wifi credentials.
        • General fixes.

        Easee App v1.1.9

        • New
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 05-02-2021


        • Timestamps on charge sessions are now displayed in local time and not UTC.
        • Displaying "Waiting for Smart Charge" in the Charger Product Card when charging is paused due to Smart Charging.

        NOTE: The Start button to override Smart charging doesn't work at the moment, we hope to fix this as soon as possible. In the mean time you can override Smart Charging by hitting the Start button in the Tibber app.


        • Added support for a new serialnumber format which is now a combination of numbers and letters.
        • Removed charging session id from the Charge Session overview, this will be re-introduced once the session ID is more recognisable.
        • Adjustments to some text styles and icons, some new icons, and various cosmetic fixes.
        • Some tweaks to terminology and language used in various parts of the app.

        Easee App v1.1.8

        • New
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 27-01-2021

        Fixes and improvements:

        • Signal Strength icons for WiFi and Cellular now changed to Easee Design.
        • Fixed an issue where the app would crash if there was corrupted data in a site's power consumption
        • "Add Product" card should always be at the end of your product cards, regardless of how many products you have.
        • Adjustments made to the Profile page (Broken it down into several pages instead of just 1).
        • Swiping too quickly between products would sometimes show the wrong max phase current in phase diagrams.
        • Clicking the details for Phase Mode now works, not just the title text.
        • Improvements to the information displayed in the Equalizer product card if Equalizer is offline

        New features:

        • Equalizer product card will now show LED animations.
        • More information in Equalizer Instruction / Help pages (States / LED patterns).
        • Charge session information available when the charger has completed charging. Charging session report gives you an overview or charging time and how much energy was transferred to the car battery. (Click View Session button that appears below the charger)
        • Banner explaining the status of the Equalizer (Offline state).
        Charging session view

        Charger v269

        • Fixed Improved
        • Avatar
          Stian (VP Software & Services)
        • on 18-01-2021


        - Improved voltage reporting to the cloud.


        - Fixed the ability to update device pulse/heartbeat interval from cloud.
        - Fixed an issue where the charger was not able to start charging until the internal clock was synchronised with the cloud.

        Easee App v1.1.7

        • Fixed Improved
        • A
          Alek Slater
        • on 14-01-2021

        Fixes and improvements:

        • Equalizers connected to non supported meters are now displayed correctly in the app and not displayed as a blank screen.
        • Some cosmetic tweaks to the max circuit current slider page

          New feature:

          • It is now possible to set the default offline current for a site. This can be set to avoid fuse from tripping should there be a problem with cloud based energy balancing.

          Easee App v1.1.6

          • New
          • A
            Alek Slater
          • on 18-12-2020


          • App now displays system status banner every time it is opened during a system outage situation
          • Charge Price is now displayed in Site Settings. Only site admins and site owners for Easee Home sites can change that price in the app.
          • Added ability to copy charger serial number to clipboard from Charger/Equalizer details page.


          • New Easee Design Icons in Product Card and other places of the app.
          • Minor adjustments to the Charger/Equalizer Connect to WiFi screens.
          • Made the Request-PIN-Code button a bit more visible in the Locate Pin Help page.
          • Product Pin Code obscured by default in Charger/Equalizer details page.


          • App loads quicker even when there is a problem in the cloud
          • Charger light-strip colour is now correctly updated when disabling smart
            charging from the app (In some situations it would incorrectly show with the smart-charging blue colour).

          Charger v262

          • New
          • Avatar
            Stian (VP Software & Services)
          • on 18-12-2020

          Added option to change cloud connection endpoint.

          Charger v260

          • Improved
          • Avatar
            Stian (VP Software & Services)
          • on 16-12-2020

          Improved the chargers connection method to the cloud

          Charger v258

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Stian (VP Software & Services)
          • on 12-12-2020

          This charger release builds on the previous 254 release with some additional adaptions on cloud connectivity behaviour.

          • Increased cloud connection back-off timings
          • Reduced data transmission to the cloud

          Easee App v1.1.5

          • New
          • A
            Alek Slater
          • on 04-12-2020


          • Added ability for app to receive data in real-time from Equalizer
          • It is now possible to restart a charger from Charger Settings.


            • Renamed Charger power management to Power options.
            • Renamed Site power management to Power settings.
            • Improved how the app handles the new system responses for commands like Scan for Wifi, Set Wifi and Start/Stop/Pause/Resume/Override.
            • Prepared the app for future products and serial number formats
            • Cosmetic tweaks to various info icon usage throughout the app.


            • It wasn't possible to scroll on the products list page if you had a lot of products, now you can.

            Charger v254

            • Fixed Improved
            • T
              Tor Erik Skårdal
            • on 02-12-2020

            This small update also include changes found in v249


            • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to configure new Easee Charge chargers using the local WiFi interface.
            • Improved the retry mechanism for cable lock / unlock.

            Easee App v1.1.4

            • New Improved
            • A
              Alek Slater
            • on 20-11-2020


            • Site Admins will also be able to see a site's total consumption, not just the Site Owners. Normal users will only be able to see their personal usage for the selected site.


              • App now handles the new charger response for lock/unlock charger cable correctly.
              • Cosmetic tweaks made to the charger product card's charger name when the charging wave is disabled.
              • Some tweaks to text displayed for various charger states (Unknown / Offline / Authenticating / Pausing / Resuming)
              • Adjustments made to handle system downtime a bit better in the app.
              • Using system error messages in a few more places, to make problems a bit more understandable.

              Charger v249

              • New Fixed Improved
              • Avatar
                Stian (VP Software & Services)
              • on 16-11-2020


              • Added settings to enable future cellular connection types such as CAT-M1. Default cellular connection method has not been changed. 
              • Added new signal quality methods to better handle new cellular connection methods
              • Added the possibility of factory setting a charger when installed on a backplate with no tag


              • Updated handling of non-recurring schedules; Better handling for a non-recurring schedule that includes stopping Time this feature is pending more changes in the app to be fulfilled.
              • Prepared the chargers offline handling method to gain a better understanding of cloud control system being slow or offline and added better offline reason descriptions.
              • Updated WiFi interface to support longer phone numbers
              • Updated WiFi interface to not include main fuse size for charge and allow and higher circuit fuse values. If a circuit fuse is larger than 80A the installer Is asked to confirm that an additional protection fuse is installed.
              • Updated Equalizer pairing logic to sync Equalizer information to cloud at the time of pairing and to extend the charger LED duration when pairing to make it more clear that an Equalizer was paired successfully.
              • Updated logic for grid type detection; Added grid type detection with detected ground fault, automatic switching to 1-phase charging when there is a ground fault detection on IT 3-phase.
              • Extended fuse balancing communication with Equalizer
              • Session energy and current is now sent on every change
              • Increased the number of possible schedule periods to 36 periods in total
              • An ongoing charging session can now be stopped using any known Easee key for Easee home chargers. This means that User A can start charging and User B can stop charging. The charging session is linked to the user starting the charging session. 

              Bug fixes

              • We fixed so many small things it would be strange to list them all in the changelog. 96% of you would not understand what it means and 3% would question why that even was a bug and the last 3% of you rarely read this far down on a changelog. However, we can promise you that all the fixes we implemented will enhance your experience 🙌👍😅

              Easee App v1.1.3

              • A
                Alek Slater
              • on 06-11-2020


              • Support for new IT grid type ground fault warnings.
              • Showing personal charge usage for Easee Charge site users.
              • Updates to translations.

              Portal v2020-11-02

              • New
              • Avatar
                Stian (VP Software & Services)
              • on 02-11-2020
              • Improved command handling with backend
              • Updated translations

              Easee App v1.1.2

              • A
                Alek Slater
              • on 30-10-2020


              • Charge Robots disappearing from the app in certain conditions (Disconnection of cable / Awaiting Authentication).


              • Minor Equalizer Product Card adjustments (Offline text).
              • Adjustments to pull-down-to-refresh to make it slightly nicer.

              Easee Portal v2020-10-19

              • New Improved
              • Avatar
                Stian (VP Software & Services)
              • on 19-10-2020

              - Improved error messages
              - Added support to log in with full phone number and added support for internationalized numbers
              - Updated translations

              Easee App v1.1.1

              • Fixed Improved
              • A
                Alek Slater
              • on 15-10-2020


              • Tapping a product from the products list in the menu whilst having the "Add Product Card" active now correctly opens that product.

              • Fixed phase diagram incorrectly displaying the same voltages for L1-L3 and L2->L3.


              • Error messages for problems related to adding products are now easier for humans to understand.

              • Haptic feedback added to Charge Robot LED Brightness/Max Charge Current Sliders, the pull to refresh component and most toggle switches.

              • Notification for when a equalizer is added to a site is now handled properly.

              • Easee Charge chargers are now added and removed in the app automatically when user has authenticated using Easee key

              Easee Cloud v1.17

              • New Improved
              • Avatar
                Stian (VP Software & Services)
              • on 05-10-2020


              • Easee app can now be used for Easee charge users
              • Chargers will appear in the app for users if:
                • They have been added as a whitelisted user to a single charger.
                • Alternatively during an active charging session on a whitelisted charger where the user has been added as a whitelisted user to the site.
              • Easee charge users can Authenticate, Lock/Unlock, Pause/Resume charging from the app. All other charger functions can be viewed but not modified or changed.
                • Easee charge or Easee home users will now receive a push notification or SMS when they have been invited to a site or single product.
                • Various new API's are now available:
                  • Create or update a collection of circuits with backplates : POST: /api/sites/{id}/circuit_collection
                  • Delete an empty circuit : DELETE: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}
                  • APIs for pre-program backplates and pair them to a site and circuit
                  • New API error response types which are also translated in various languages
                  • Add backplate : POST: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/backplates
                  • Remove backplate : DELETE: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/backplates/{backplate_id}
                  • Edit backplate: PUT: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/backplates
                  • APIs for dedicated site power management settings GET: api/accounts?search={searchString}&offset={offset}&limit={limit}
                  • Get settings : GET: api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/settings
                  • Edit settings : POST: api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/settings
                  • WiFi SSID and password on Equalizer can now be set through the Portal or the App using Easee Link.
                • Site owner will now receive SMS & push notification when an Equalizer is added to a site
                • Equalizer will now automatically appear for administrators or owners of a site.


                • Standardised phone number format for international standards to better handle phone numbers with a region based prefix commonly used in Germany, UK, etc.
                • Various security updates

                Easee App v1.0.9

                • New Fixed Improved
                • A
                  Alek Slater
                • on 28-09-2020


                • You can now use Charging schedules with Tibber again as a site operator as long as smart schedule is not activated. 


                • Terms / Privacy policy links point to translated versions for each supported language. 
                • Improved Equalizer online/offline mechanism


                • Added ability to configure Equalizer WiFi via Equalizer Settings.
                • You can refresh the current product by clicking the Refresh now button at the bottom of the product card.

                Easee Charger v240

                • Fixed Improved
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 21-09-2020


                • Optimisation in logic for load balancing on IT grid 3-phase on Home chargers
                • Minor improvements to enhance manufacturing process

                Easee Charger v235

                • New Fixed
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 27-08-2020


                We have made some changes to the charger software to prepare for support for the Equalizer.

                See more about the Easee Equalizer here:



                • Some minor fixes related to production

                Easee App v1.0.8

                • New Improved
                • A
                  Alek Slater
                • on 21-08-2020

                • The Easee app now speaks Spanish ¿Hablas español?
                • When charging robot is waiting in queue because of load balancing this is now shown with a status message and the charging wave is paused.
                • Some design tweaks here and there to improve the overall experience
                • You can now click on a product in the product page to go directly to that specific product
                • It is now possible to rename the Equalizer in the Equalizer settings + multiple minor preparations for Equalizer support
                • Permissions updated for Easee Charge sites to allow users to lock/unlock cable, authenticate charging session  and pause/resume charging. 
                • Eases systems status page accessible via the Support Page.

                Easee cloud v1.15

                • New Improved
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 09-07-2020
                • Minor adaptions to partner-specific invitation letters
                • Easee ready function is moved from site level to circuit level
                • Several preparations for Equalizer API 
                • The equalizer observations are now also pushed via stream

                Easee cloud v1.16

                • New Improved
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 09-07-2020
                • Add endpoint to get chargers current lifetime energy by site : api/sites/{siteId}/energy
                • Add new service to sync data for lifetime energy report
                • Added new consumption report for charger lifetime energy
                • Enabled flag for beta testers to set a user as a beta user.
                • Only allow activation/deactivation circuits as Easee ready if there are no online chargers in that circuit
                • Easee Key consumption report extend with name and owner of the scanned RFID tag
                • Restructured the site invitation e-mail
                • Enabled search for site endpoint
                • Exposed ProductCode on my chargers API response
                • Added Reboot charger with SMS functionality in API for support agents

                Easee Portal v1.9.11

                • New Improved
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 06-07-2020
                • Added new consumption report for the charger lifetime energy allowing users to generate a report of a charger complete energy consumption since it's birth.
                • Added warning for activation of Easee Ready circuits if the circuit has an online charger
                • Various smaller improvements for internal support agents usage

                Easee App v1.0.7

                • New Improved
                • A
                  Alek Slater
                • on 03-07-2020
                • Improvement for new signups to ensure activation screen is presented even if the app is left open in the background
                • Cosmetic fixes to Site Details page.
                • It is now possible to set Easee as an operator from the app if there was no operator set. Users should no longer see the 404-155 error.
                • Cosmetic tweaks to Charge Current Slider on some devices (no longer shows grey lines).
                • Changing the partner via Easee Cloud or API, and then refreshing the app should work as intended now.
                • Various smaller tweaks and improvements to give you an even better experience

                Easee App v1.0.6

                • New Fixed
                • A
                  Alek Slater
                • on 26-06-2020


                • You can now re-arrange products and sites by clicking the main menu -> Products.
                • It is now possible to adjust the brightness of the chargers LED to various levels, even completely off.
                • Various smaller design tweaks and optimisations to make our app even more Easee!
                • Adjustments to the Product cards to make sure things still look good on small screens when you have lots of products added to the app.
                • Danish, Dutch, French, German and Swedish language support.
                • Some basic support for upcoming Easee Equaliser.
                • Limit Charge Current renamed to Max Charge Current, adjustments to function and the look and feel.
                • All help / info dialogs have been replaced with bottom sheets.
                • Updates to the Add Product help pages for Chargers.
                • If you've forgotten your chargers PIN code, or can't find it anywhere, you can request the PIN code after entering the serial for the Charge Robot.


                • Some Android devices got stuck on the Splash Screen, that shouldn't happen anymore.
                • You are no longer able to add a name to a site from the Product card action bar, if you don't have permission to do so.

                Note: There has been a change to how the max charge current (Limit Charge Current) is set. Previous versions of the app set the dynamic circuit current, which is a property that is automatically adjusted by Tibber, and is also lost whenever the Charge Robot reboots. You might want to double-check the max charge current (Found in Site -> Power Management), to make sure it is what you expect.

                Easee Portal v1.9.10

                • New Improved
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 22-06-2020
                • Preparations for supporting the Easee Equalizer in the portal
                • Updated URL's to reflect the change from "chargers" to "products" in preparation of Equalizer support.
                • Added new and improved graphics for Charger & Equalizer
                • Depending on the type of user you are now re-directed to the best starting point in the portal. As a user, you are re-directed to Products
                • Wi-Fi results now have buttons to click to use the available networks from the WiFi scan

                Easee Charger v230

                • Fixed Improved
                • Avatar
                  Stian (VP Software & Services)
                • on 15-06-2020


                • Improved compensation for environmental temperature


                • LED strip getting stuck in wrong display state on some occasions

                  Easee Portal v1.9.8

                  • New Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 15-06-2020
                  • Charger state and dashboard now displays the reason for no current.
                  • Added refresh token functionality, so that you can get logged back in automatically
                  • Changed “chargers” to “products” on multiple views
                  • Charger config edit enabled again but removed unnecessary setting configurations 

                  Easee Portal v1.9.9

                  • New
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 15-06-2020

                  Added more functionality for support agents and user management functions

                  Easee cloud v1.14

                  • New Fixed Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 26-05-2020
                  • Added "ReasonForNoCurrent" observation as a part of the API so that it is possible to understand the reason for the charger not providing current.
                  • Added function in the API to inform clients that a schedule is modified, added or removed from a charger.
                  • Updated observations whitelisted for partner AMQP stream
                  • Extended pairing to an operator with additional settings
                  • Fix: Consider pending site user invitations when adding my chargers to avoid duplicate users on a site.
                  • Fix: Multiple site owners possibility.
                  • Several other minor improvements & security updates.

                  Easee Charger v228

                  • New Fixed Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 14-05-2020

                  New features:

                  • Prepared system to be able to adjust brightness on LED strip (Not available in app yet)

                  • Improved logic for interrupted operation to automatically resume an authorized charging session in the event of power outage or restart.

                  • Various smaller improvements and preparations for future awesomeness!


                  • Fixed a bug where charger would swap to cellular even if cellular was not ready in the case of faulty wifi connection.

                  • Bugfix in load balancing for 3-phase IT grids

                  • Improved energy logging mechanism

                  Easee Portal v1.9.7

                  • New Fixed Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 11-05-2020
                  • Added ability to see on a site what chargers have different access level than the site's permission level
                  • Added the ability to navigate to a charger from the access level overview
                  • Access level on a single charger can be removed from the list over unlinked chargers from the site
                  • Added ability to see more clearly on charger level if it is linked or unlinked to/from the site's access level.
                  • Cleaned up on redirections to mypage
                  • Minor fixes

                  Easee App v1.0.5

                  • New
                  • A
                    Alek Slater
                  • on 08-05-2020
                  • You can now add Easee Keys via the Charger.
                  • Added Push notifications for Started Charging / Stopped Charging for chargers you have access to in "My chargers".
                  • New error message when you try to open power management without a master charger added to the app.
                  • Added "Too many attempts error" message added to add charger page, instead of 400-2 error.
                  • Got Wifi? Encouraging users to connect charging robot to wifi network for faster updates.
                  • Improved logic behind Got WiFi message.
                  • Languages sorted alphabetically in Preferences.
                  • Font size in main app bar reduced.
                  • Tweaked accent colours.
                  • Signup API call payload now includes the device language code. To prepare for localised SMS activation messages.
                  • Dependancies for Keychain and Preference management now updated to the latest version.
                  • Renamed "Service provider" to "Operator".
                  • Fixed duplicate max and min value in Limit charge current slider.
                  • Phase info voltages are now shown as integers instead of numbers with 1 decimal.
                  • Signal Strength icon definitions for cellular and wifi were swapped, which was obviously not right, we fixed that.
                  • Confirmation snackbars for access level, cable locked changes now ON by default, can be switched off in Preferences.
                  • Show confirmation snackbars when you pause charging.
                  • Show Explanation Banner in Easee Keys screen, to clarify certain restrictions when it comes to Easee Key usage.
                  Pair Easee key through charger

                  Easee Cloud V1.13

                  • New
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 04-05-2020
                  • Add new Easee Key reports that generates the reports based on easee key
                  • Ability to add VAT for sites and show VAT related columns for all the reports
                  • Add support for refresh token

                  Easee portal v1.9.6

                  • New Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 04-05-2020

                  • Added ability to show charger cover in dashboard (with it's color and LED state), it will change size with extra-wide option in display options.
                  • Added ability to change language and theme on login screen
                  • Added charging pulse animation and smart charging color
                  • Updated terminology for Site and Operator
                  • Added caching function for most common requests that can be cached
                  • Generate consumption report based on easee-key
                  • Added ability to show user consumption as administrator
                  • Added ability to set the price with VAT % or without VAT % with automatic calculation (See detailed description here)

                  Easee App v1.0.4

                  • New
                  • A
                    Alek Slater
                  • on 29-04-2020
                  • Show partner guide when pressing the Authenticate button for non-Easee partners
                  • Fixes some typos in a few places.
                  • Onboarding Text Cut-off issues Fixed for some smaller screen sizes.

                  Easee Portal v1.9.5

                  • New Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 20-04-2020
                  • Added ability to use charger to read easee key or any supported RFID keytag to add new keys under user profile. 
                  • Improved dashboard loading
                  • Added Danish (DKK) as an available currency
                  • Translated Charger modes to be more understandable.
                  • Added a warning for master charger offline when the charger has been offline too long to show the capacity
                  • Menu and appearance improvements.
                  • Added settings for defining Access Control & offline behaviour for sites paired with Easee.
                    • Allow any Easee keys when chargers are offline (Previously: AllowOfflineTXForUnknownID)
                    • Allow known Easee keys when chargers are offline (Previously: LocalAuthorizeOfflineEnabled)
                    • Always allow known Easee keys (faster approval) (Previously: LocalPreAuthorizeEnabled)

                  Easee Portal v1.9.4

                  • New Fixed Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 06-04-2020
                  • Added message about charger Firmware not being updated until car is disconnected
                  • Added link to site from my chargers
                  • Added link to public knowledgebase for portal documentation and help
                  • Added charger colour so that chargers show up with the colour they have in real life
                  • Improved overall styling
                  • Removed advanced config edit for users who are not global admins or operator
                  • Removed reserved and used from capacity
                  • Various small improvements
                  • Fixed issue with main fuse capacity not updating

                  Easee portal v1.9.3

                  • New Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 24-03-2020
                  • Now using new observations for circuit capacity via master charger
                    • CircuitTotalAllocatedPhaseConductorCurrentL1
                    • CircuitTotalAllocatedPhaseConductorCurrentL2
                    • CircuitTotalAllocatedPhaseConductorCurrentL3
                    • CircuitTotalPhaseConductorCurrentL1
                    • CircuitTotalPhaseConductorCurrentL2
                    • CircuitTotalPhaseConductorCurrentL3
                  • Added new Easee Favicon
                  • Added confirmation on "update charger" so that it is easier to see that an update was initiated.
                  • Fixed layout for change password confirmation page
                  • Fixed layout for confirm email
                  • Updated dependencies

                  Easee App v1.0.3

                  • New
                  • A
                    Alek Slater
                  • on 23-03-2020

                  NOTE: Some functionality requires Charger Firmware v217

                  • FIX: Makes sure the Activate button in the Activation PIN code entry screen is enabled when it ought to be.
                  • Fixes some typos in a few places.
                  • Better error handling when adding Easee Keys.
                  • Tweaks to unify fonts and spacing in the product card.

                  Easee charger Firmware v217

                  • New Improved
                  • Avatar
                    Stian (VP Software & Services)
                  • on 22-03-2020

                  New features

                  • Scheduled charging (Only for Easee App users) - Supported via Easee App. It is possible to override the schedule to force start when a car is connected. The override lasts until the EV disconnects. Note that other systems on a circuit level (e.g. smart charging, load balancing etc.) may control the output current even if the schedule is overridden.
                  • RFID pairing mode (Only for Easee App users) - Use the charger as an RFID scanner.
                  • Load balancing over Easee Link WiFi - Use Easee link WiFi as a backup channel for local load balancing. This requires all chargers to be connected on the same Local WiFi network.


                  • Improved charging speed on Audi e-tron on IT-3Phase
                  • Cellular-wifi swap - Updated logic for WiFI / Cellular swap.
                  • Improved load balancing - Improved the algorithm for load balancing to make it fairer.


                  • Improved logic for WiFi search functionality 
                  • Updated German translations

                  Easee App v1.0.2

                  • New
                  • A
                    Alek Slater
                  • on 21-03-2020

                  NOTE: Some functionality requires Charger Firmware v217

                    • Fix for stuck on splash bug reported by 2 users on certain devices.
                    • New User Flow for Smart Charging via Tibber.
                    • New User Flow for Scheduled Charging (Play/Pause/Resume/Authenticate buttons).
                    • Cleanup and finalisation of Scheduled charging.
                    • General UI Cleanup / Localisation Tweaks / Paddings / Icons
                    • Product Instructions contains more information + extra info on the charger's current state.

                    Easee portal v1.9.2

                    • New Improved
                    • Avatar
                      Stian (VP Software & Services)
                    • on 17-03-2020
                    • Gather all circuits capacity bars
                    • Link to installation video on create new site
                    • Added new observation for dynamic charger current
                    • Pause and resume charging is now based on dynamic charger current state
                    • Notifications on what’s new in this version
                    • Added Batch operations on site, circuit or specified chargers to be able to execute mulitple oprations in one easy setting.
                    • Update Wi-Fi
                    • Added new error codes
                      • 211 Charger did not respond in time
                      • 212 Charger firmware does not support operation
                    • Added masters only for Batch operations option
                    • Added missing error codes 102, 190 and 410.
                    • Batch for reboot, set enabled and upgrade firmware
                    • Added button for feedback portal for users to submit feedback, ideas & suggestions
                    • Added a link to the public changelog
                    • Added ‘my chargers’ so that users can manage products they personally have access to
                      • Add charger / Remove charger
                      • Show details and configuration of charger
                      • Added charger info - ‘Not paired’ if not paired to a service provider.
                      • My chargers view hides comments for charger
                      • Adding new charger changed to say product instead of charger

                    Easee App v1.0.1

                    • New
                    • A
                      Alek Slater
                    • on 14-03-2020

                    v 1.0.1

                    NOTE: Some functionality (like schedule charging, pause/resume charging and clear wifi-config) requires firmware versions that has not been released yet. We are still working on those and hope to get them ready ASAP. You can check the firmware version of your charger in Charger Settings / Details.

                    * Tweaks to onboarding

                    * Tweaks to product card drag down gestures (Product card movement was wrong compared to finger drag speed).

                    * Decrease of icon sizes for priority and schedule

                    * Changed charger standby status title and description

                    * Swipe between chargers across all sites (This is Defaulted to ON, can be switched off in Preferences).

                    * Flashing blue lightstripe for charger if its awaiting start with smart charging enabled.

                    * Clear wifi settings now possible (Requires firmware version v215)

                    * Schedule charging (Requires firmware version v213)

                    * Pause / Resume charging in OPEN access mode (Requires firmware version v213)

                    v 1.0.0

                    * Remove Charger Wi-Fi network button hidden.

                    * Connectivity information added to Charger Details.

                    * Tap charger image / phase diagram or wave animation to toggle phase mode displayed.

                    * Tweaks to onboarding animations (shimmer animation is no more, and other tweaks).

                    * Fixed onboarding image aspect ratios, font tweaks.

                    * Alignment tweaks across the board.

                    * Enter Wi-Fi network manually.

                    v 0.6.0

                    * New icons for cable locked / access level

                    * Show the access level button as icon when it is disabled, either because of user role or because of non-easee service provider.

                    * Show partner guide without ability to swap partner if the service provider is not easee, and the user role is such that the user would normally be able to change the level.

                    * Scheduled charging UI fixed up, with regard to fonts and styling.

                    * Scheduled charging repeat daily switch is now disabled unless you have a start / end time set.

                    * Scheduled charging now requires both start time and end time to be valid, you can no longer choose a start time without an end time.

                    * Scheduled charging hooked up to new APIs.

                    * Pause / Resume functionality now working, with a pause / resume button for chargers set to open access.

                    * Paired Partner renamed to Service Provider and moved out of Site Settings into Site Details.

                    * You can no longer change the service provider at all, only see what it is.

                    * Site charging price is no longer visible in the app.

                    * You can no longer see the charge price in Site consumption.

                    * Onboarding now showing after signup or login, or if you are logged in and you haven't seen it before.

                    * Replay onboarding button added to Support page

                    * Configure Wifi in Charger Settings if you are an Admin or Owner of EH chargers, and if you are an Owner of EC chargers.

                    * Tweaks to error handling of API calls.

                    * Tweaks to animation in the site page.

                    * Hamburger menu button a bit bigger now

                    * Changed start / stop charging button font

                    * Average consumption info added to site instructions page.

                    * Fix for site consumption tabs on smaller screens and non-standard text sizes.

                    * Loads of cosmetic tweaks, alignment and positioning of info on charger card.

                    * Charger instructions cabled locked section now has 3 items in it, Locked, Always locked and Unlocked.

                    * Charge price keyboard and text formatting now fixed so its based on the OS region, but its no longer visible, so not relevant.

                    NOTE Charge Schedule: Charge schedule does not seem to do anything yet, you can set it, but the charger doesn't start.

                    NOTE Charger Wifi Config: You can get a list of networks and configure it for the charger, but once its set you cannot remove it. Also the stability of this isn't the best, so you might see quite abit of "The charger rejected this command" errors when trying to use it.

                    v 0.5.3

                    * Ability to rename your easee keys.

                    * Contact customer support and i have a suggestion buttons reachable from the support page in Menu.

                    * Paddings, alignments and fonts fixed up.

                    * Charger info page / Site info page getting there, but needs some content.

                    * Tapping the first time consumption hint bubble now closes it.

                    * Site type now supplied by API and displayed in Charger Settings / Details.

                    * Adjustments for small screens.

                    * Systemwide back button now custom.

                    * App bar fixes in landscape mode

                    * Charger Offline fixes + tweaks

                    v 0.5.0

                    * Add product button in Side menu works again.

                    * Removed errors / warnings from charger details.

                    * Product card info has status information now + expandable / collapsible sections [WIP]

                    * NFC support improved quite a bit on both iOS and Android (Supports more types of NFC tags)

                    * I Need support and I have a suggestion links added to Side menu.

                    v 0.4.8

                    * NOTE: If you end up with 2 android app icons, remove version 0.4.5 or 0.4.2

                    * Lots of cosmetic tweaks regarding text styles and padding

                    * iPad support removed from iOS.

                    * User role for site moved to Site Details

                    * User role for charger moved to Charger Details

                    * NFC scanner on android improved to support more versions of Easee Keys.

                    * Invalid pin / serial error message displayed when adding a product with invalid info.

                    * Analytics added.

                    * Errors / Warnings for all the site / chargers showing in Diagnostics.

                    * Charger warnings no longer displayed in the charger card.

                    * Charger warnings / Errors removed from Charger Details

                    * Charger errors a bit more prominent in charger card.

                    * Available charge current renamed to Limit charge current

                    * Site details with more information about the site

                    * New disclosure arrow icon in all cells and buttons.

                    * Partner guide shown for schedule charging, start/stop, access control

                    v 0.4.5

                    * Audio playback is no longer stopped on iOS when the wave animation is shown.

                    * Add Easee Key via iOS NFC scanner added and improved.

                    * User role for the Charging Robot shown in Charger Settings (Owner, Admin, User)

                    * User role for the Charging Site shown in Site Settings (Owner, Admin, User)

                    * Info button added to Site Settings, with information about the different user roles and what that implies.

                    * Better error handling for Charging Robot information in Charger Card.

                    * You can now disable the charging wave animation and show the charging robot whilst charging.

                    * Account activation following account creation is now done with an activation code instead of an activation link. This is because some telephone operators block SMSs containing links.

                    * Descriptions added to Phase modes, the selection checkmark has been easeefied.

                    * Add Product Help Popover now animates between manual/charger image.

                    * You can now change the site charge price / currency in Site Settings.

                    * Removed "Level of Access" from Site Settings.

                    * Charger wiring/grid errors now displayed in charger card, with accompanying red lightstrip to make it clear there's something very wrong.

                    * Charger wiring/grid errors and warnings displayed in Charger Settings / Details when appropriate.

                    * Info button with accompanying popup for information added to Available Charge Current page.

                    * Wave animation when charging will no longer freeze.

                    * Remove charger from account API now fixed, and required changes in the app done, so people can now remove chargers from their account in the app if they so desire.

                    * Charger colors in Charger settings now split up into 2 pages, Cover color and Wave color

                    * Show kW values above the charger during charging when the wave animation is disabled and the robot is showing, WIP

                    * If you have a non-Easee partner selected, you are not offered the full list of partners, simply a dialog asking if you want to switch to Easee.

                    * Tweaks to Product Added page, strings localised.

                    * Certain site / charger setting changes are now persisted in the database, which means if the app is started offline, those changes are reflected in the UI.

                    * Tweaks to toggle switches

                    * Activate button displayed in charger card if the charger is disabled.

                    * Info and signal strength indicators in charger card should no longer disappear.

                    * Tweaks to tapping targets when the charger card is scrolled up a bit.

                    * Tweaks to error states that are displayed following a failed sites/chargers request, and you have no sites/chargers.

                    * Configure Wifi for charger pages completed, but not shown because we are waiting for the APIs.

                    * If you try to login to an inactive account (101:AccountNotActivated), the app will ask the API to re-send an activation code, and push into the activation page.

                    Easee Portal v1.9.0

                    • New Fixed Improved
                    • Avatar
                      Stian (VP Software & Services)
                    • on 09-03-2020

                    The biggest update to the Easee portal to date! Lot´s of new features for owners and administrators. A completely new dashboard for charging sites with multiple status overviews about the sites health. As an operator you can toggle mulitple filters and views to tailor your dashboard to your needs. Keep it simple or activate mulitple detailed low level statistics for debugging. Improved design for large screens and implemented a dark mode feature. 

                    Do you have any new feature suggestions? Submit them here.

                    Detailed changelog

                    New & Improved:

                    • Added menu for language selection
                    • Norwegian (NB) language added
                    • Wider page resolution for desktop
                    • Completely rounded corners for tabs and site box
                    • Site list collapse and tabs styling update
                    • Changed charger status "idle" to "standby"
                    • Spacing on entering and displaying easee keys
                    • Added menu for logout
                    • Adjusted max height for comments and activity
                    • Implemented "Pill design" for tabs
                    • Adjusted mobile number field for sign up
                    • Multiple chargers view (dashboard)
                    • Seeing selected site and charger name in title
                    • Updated label for create site
                    • Updated circuit text
                    • Updated to use real time status (websocket/signalr)
                    • Improved chargers view when loading data
                    • Queue system for real time status
                    • Disconnect and reconnection system for signalr
                    • Updated a lot of views for mobile and tablet size screens
                    • Beta select env to point towards
                    • Confirmation on delete easee key
                    • Handle 404 errors for site or charger
                    • Show "load level" for sites and circuits (capacity)
                    • Updated output phase text
                    • Backplate + master backplate ID showing in dashboard
                    • Showing smart button enabled
                    • Showing if charger is enabled or disabled
                    • Showing low charging current activated
                    • Showing if cloud auth is required
                    • Showing if local auth is required
                    • Showing if smart charging enabled
                    • New observations showing
                      • LED

                      • Phasemode

                      • Enable idle current

                      • Smart charging

                      • Local auth required

                      • Auth required

                      • Detected grid type

                      • Local RSSI

                      • Local node type

                      • Cable rating

                    • New "PollAll" button
                    • Update configuration for
                      • Enabled

                      • Enable idle current

                      • Local cable permanently

                      • Phase mode

                      • Smart button enabled

                    • Smart charging

                    • New easee font

                    • Radio map with structure of nodes pr circuit

                    • Displaying local node type 0 / searching in red color in radio map

                    • Charts for capacity live trending

                    • Showing backplates without charger as "Easee ready"

                    • Showing maximized dashboard (100% screen width)

                    • Selecting view types on how many columns for circuits

                    • Display mode (experimental), concept for display screens

                    • Transparent easee keys photo

                    • Dark theme

                    • Led mode descriptions

                    • Op mode descriptions

                    • Better feedback on enable/disable locking and rebooting charger

                    • Real time state updating on charger view

                    • Start and stop charging from charger view if Authorization required = true

                    • Updated some of the charger icons and added error icon

                    • Better link colors

                    • Charger is shown as offline when reboot is pressed, comes online again when has update from real time system

                    • Pause and resume charging

                    • New properties for configuration

                    • Scan for Wi-Fi

                    • Set Wi-Fi SSID and password for charger

                    • New charger configurations; 

                      • Local Pre Authorize Enabled

                      • Local Authorize Offline Enabled

                      • Allow Offline Tx For Unknown Id


                    • Fixed removing selected partner after removing pairing

                    Easee App v1.1.0

                    • Fixed Improved
                    • A
                      Alek Slater
                    • on


                    • Charging schedules now using improved bottom sheet design.
                    • Pull down to refresh improved.
                    • New Custom loading indicator used in most places.


                    • No longer crashes on iPhone 5s/6 (and other iOS devices without NFC) on iOS 12.4.8