Charger v249


  • Added settings to enable future cellular connection types such as CAT-M1. Default cellular connection method has not been changed. 
  • Added new signal quality methods to better handle new cellular connection methods
  • Added the possibility of factory setting a charger when installed on a backplate with no tag


  • Updated handling of non-recurring schedules; Better handling for a non-recurring schedule that includes stopping Time this feature is pending more changes in the app to be fulfilled.
  • Prepared the chargers offline handling method to gain a better understanding of cloud control system being slow or offline and added better offline reason descriptions.
  • Updated WiFi interface to support longer phone numbers
  • Updated WiFi interface to not include main fuse size for charge and allow and higher circuit fuse values. If a circuit fuse is larger than 80A the installer Is asked to confirm that an additional protection fuse is installed.
  • Updated Equalizer pairing logic to sync Equalizer information to cloud at the time of pairing and to extend the charger LED duration when pairing to make it more clear that an Equalizer was paired successfully.
  • Updated logic for grid type detection; Added grid type detection with detected ground fault, automatic switching to 1-phase charging when there is a ground fault detection on IT 3-phase.
  • Extended fuse balancing communication with Equalizer
  • Session energy and current is now sent on every change
  • Increased the number of possible schedule periods to 36 periods in total
  • An ongoing charging session can now be stopped using any known Easee key for Easee home chargers. This means that User A can start charging and User B can stop charging. The charging session is linked to the user starting the charging session. 

Bug fixes

  • We fixed so many small things it would be strange to list them all in the changelog. 96% of you would not understand what it means and 3% would question why that even was a bug and the last 3% of you rarely read this far down on a changelog. However, we can promise you that all the fixes we implemented will enhance your experience 🙌👍😅