Easee App v1.0.5

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    Alek Slater
  • on 08-05-2020

  • You can now add Easee Keys via the Charger.
  • Added Push notifications for Started Charging / Stopped Charging for chargers you have access to in "My chargers".
  • New error message when you try to open power management without a master charger added to the app.
  • Added "Too many attempts error" message added to add charger page, instead of 400-2 error.
  • Got Wifi? Encouraging users to connect charging robot to wifi network for faster updates.
  • Improved logic behind Got WiFi message.
  • Languages sorted alphabetically in Preferences.
  • Font size in main app bar reduced.
  • Tweaked accent colours.
  • Signup API call payload now includes the device language code. To prepare for localised SMS activation messages.
  • Dependancies for Keychain and Preference management now updated to the latest version.
  • Renamed "Service provider" to "Operator".
  • Fixed duplicate max and min value in Limit charge current slider.
  • Phase info voltages are now shown as integers instead of numbers with 1 decimal.
  • Signal Strength icon definitions for cellular and wifi were swapped, which was obviously not right, we fixed that.
  • Confirmation snackbars for access level, cable locked changes now ON by default, can be switched off in Preferences.
  • Show confirmation snackbars when you pause charging.
  • Show Explanation Banner in Easee Keys screen, to clarify certain restrictions when it comes to Easee Key usage.
Pair Easee key through charger