Easee App v1.1.6

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    Alek Slater
  • on 18-12-2020


  • App now displays system status banner every time it is opened during a system outage situation
  • Charge Price is now displayed in Site Settings. Only site admins and site owners for Easee Home sites can change that price in the app.
  • Added ability to copy charger serial number to clipboard from Charger/Equalizer details page.


  • New Easee Design Icons in Product Card and other places of the app.
  • Minor adjustments to the Charger/Equalizer Connect to WiFi screens.
  • Made the Request-PIN-Code button a bit more visible in the Locate Pin Help page.
  • Product Pin Code obscured by default in Charger/Equalizer details page.


  • App loads quicker even when there is a problem in the cloud
  • Charger light-strip colour is now correctly updated when disabling smart
    charging from the app (In some situations it would incorrectly show with the smart-charging blue colour).