Easee App v1.1.8

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    Alek Slater
  • on 27-01-2021

Fixes and improvements:

  • Signal Strength icons for WiFi and Cellular now changed to Easee Design.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash if there was corrupted data in a site's power consumption
  • "Add Product" card should always be at the end of your product cards, regardless of how many products you have.
  • Adjustments made to the Profile page (Broken it down into several pages instead of just 1).
  • Swiping too quickly between products would sometimes show the wrong max phase current in phase diagrams.
  • Clicking the details for Phase Mode now works, not just the title text.
  • Improvements to the information displayed in the Equalizer product card if Equalizer is offline

New features:

  • Equalizer product card will now show LED animations.
  • More information in Equalizer Instruction / Help pages (States / LED patterns).
  • Charge session information available when the charger has completed charging. Charging session report gives you an overview or charging time and how much energy was transferred to the car battery. (Click View Session button that appears below the charger)
  • Banner explaining the status of the Equalizer (Offline state).
Charging session view