Easee App v1.3.4


  • New Cable stuck animated guide to help you if your cable gets stuck, accessible via Permanent cable lock sheet and via Support page.
  • Yearly and monthly consumption, accessible via the Product card.
  • You can see a list of all completed charging sessions via the Product card / Charger consumption /Charging sessions.
  • Now able to login using your email address (useful if you have more than 1 account with the same telephone number).


  • Display more than 2 decimals when needed for Site Charging prices.
  • Owners of Easee Charge sites should also be able to adjust site name, site charging price, and site power management settings like Charging Currents and Power at all times.
  • "To the battery" renamed to just Energy in Ongoing Session / Completed Session sheet.


  • Normal users on Easee Charge sites should be able to toggle permanent cable lock.