Easee App v1.3.5


  • Finnish language support.
  • Howto find serial and pin link added to Support pages.
  • Site owners can now change site operator from the Easee app (in site settings).
  • Moving ? You can now transfer the site to a new owner (in site settings).


  • Charging wave page in Charger settings renamed to Charging wave (App) to clarify that its the charging wave animation thats displayed in the App only, and not related to the Charger LED.
  • Easee Keys section user interface cleaned up and modernised.
  • New account creation pages (signup) with visual overhaul.
  • New login page.
  • New forgot password page.
  • Styling adjustments to most buttons, and standardisation of user interface elements (buttons, padding, fonts).

Christmas Edition - Happy Holidays everyone ! :D