Easee Cloud v1.17

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    Stian (VP Software & Services)
  • on 05-10-2020


  • Easee app can now be used for Easee charge users
  • Chargers will appear in the app for users if:
    • They have been added as a whitelisted user to a single charger.
    • Alternatively during an active charging session on a whitelisted charger where the user has been added as a whitelisted user to the site.
  • Easee charge users can Authenticate, Lock/Unlock, Pause/Resume charging from the app. All other charger functions can be viewed but not modified or changed.
    • Easee charge or Easee home users will now receive a push notification or SMS when they have been invited to a site or single product.
    • Various new API's are now available:
      • Create or update a collection of circuits with backplates : POST: /api/sites/{id}/circuit_collection
      • Delete an empty circuit : DELETE: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}
      • APIs for pre-program backplates and pair them to a site and circuit
      • New API error response types which are also translated in various languages
      • Add backplate : POST: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/backplates
      • Remove backplate : DELETE: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/backplates/{backplate_id}
      • Edit backplate: PUT: /api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/backplates
      • APIs for dedicated site power management settings GET: api/accounts?search={searchString}&offset={offset}&limit={limit}
      • Get settings : GET: api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/settings
      • Edit settings : POST: api/sites/{id}/circuits/{circuit_id}/settings
      • WiFi SSID and password on Equalizer can now be set through the Portal or the App using Easee Link.
    • Site owner will now receive SMS & push notification when an Equalizer is added to a site
    • Equalizer will now automatically appear for administrators or owners of a site.


    • Standardised phone number format for international standards to better handle phone numbers with a region based prefix commonly used in Germany, UK, etc.
    • Various security updates