Easee portal v1.9.2

  • New Improved
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    Stian (VP Product Excellence)
  • on 17-03-2020

  • Gather all circuits capacity bars
  • Link to installation video on create new site
  • Added new observation for dynamic charger current
  • Pause and resume charging is now based on dynamic charger current state
  • Notifications on what’s new in this version
  • Added Batch operations on site, circuit or specified chargers to be able to execute mulitple oprations in one easy setting.
  • Update Wi-Fi
  • Added new error codes
    • 211 Charger did not respond in time
    • 212 Charger firmware does not support operation
  • Added masters only for Batch operations option
  • Added missing error codes 102, 190 and 410.
  • Batch for reboot, set enabled and upgrade firmware
  • Added button for feedback portal for users to submit feedback, ideas & suggestions
  • Added a link to the public changelog
  • Added ‘my chargers’ so that users can manage products they personally have access to
    • Add charger / Remove charger
    • Show details and configuration of charger
    • Added charger info - ‘Not paired’ if not paired to a service provider.
    • My chargers view hides comments for charger
    • Adding new charger changed to say product instead of charger