Equalizer v99 (HAN version)


  • New IOTSystem configuration for selecting cloud platforms, will fall back to the other cloud system if it is unable to connect for some time.
  • New meterless (static) load balancing
  • Brings Justice to the Equalizer - Equalizer can now connect to both Home & Charge facilities on both UDP and RF.
  • Support for Aidon 6540
  • Support for Kamstrup 685-11-23
  • Support for Eastron SDM72/630 Modbus meters
  • Added Equalized charge current telemetry
  • Added max allocated current setting
  • Added modified flag to load balancing children-report if the config is not activated


  • Stop allocating power to timed out children in load balancing
  • Fix ICC Tx Seqnr issue, that would cause a dropped packet when the session id was changed


  • Freed up memory by reducing task stack sizes
  • Cache the type of charge facility the Equalizer is connected to make reconnections faster on RF after reboot
  • Minor power optimizations
  • Removed 'UTC' indicator from the clock in meter telemetry
  • Guestimate current direction when Kamstrup/Kaifa meter are exporting power (Solar installations) (Only works for 3-Phase TN and 1-Phase IT/TN) Enabled after 500Ws of exported power detected.