Installer App v1.2.9


  • Show Equalizers + basic Equalizer information in Site Overview.
  • Ability to remove Equalizers fr om sites.
  • Ability to reboot Equalizer.
  • Ability to configure/add an Equalizer to a site.
  • Able to configure meter type for an Equalizer (now hooked up to correct API endpoint).
  • Real-Time updates when meter type or master backplate id changes for an Equalizer in Equalizer overview page.
  • Show charger serial in backplate overview page for backplates with chargers.


  • Site Operator is no longer a compulsory field when creating new sites.
  • Main Fuse now an option for Easee Charge sites.
  • Cosmetic tweaks to the Site Overview page.
  • Adjusted the backplate programming animation to make it clearer that you need to hold your phone next to backplates for a while to program them successfully.


  • Added missing text cursor to login, site create and a few other screens.
  • Workaround for Backplate not found / Backplate id 000000 on some sites that mostly affected German and UK sites due to post code lengths.